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Proceedings Of The Seventh Round-Table Conference On Dipterocarps : 7-10 OKtober 2002 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

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Penulis: Asia Pacific Association Of Forestry Research Institutions

ISBN: 983-2724-13-9

Penerbit: Kuala Lumpur: Asia Pacific Association Of Forestry Research Institutions, 2003

Fisik Buku: x; 285 Hal: ill.; 25 cm

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Dipterocarpaceae is a very important family of big trees in tropical Asia. The family includes many species that are highly in demand for various uses. These species, such as the Shoreas, have been and still are the major species that are sought after and form the bulk of the timber trade in many countries in this region. Overexploitation and unsustainable harvesting techniques have threatened the natural sustainability of many of the species in the family. Many countries in the region have initiated a wide range of programmes ranging from rehabilitation of logged-over forest to forest plantation establishments to enhance the sustainability of these species.