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Evidence-based Conservation Lessons From The Lover Mekong

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Penulis: Center For International Forestry Research

ISBN: 978-0-415-52913-6

Penerbit: Newyork : Earthscan From Routledge, 2013

Fisik Buku: xxvi; 454 hal: ill.; 24 cm

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Evidence-based conservation brings together a series of case studies, written by field practitioners, that provide the evidence base for evaluating how effective conservation and poverty alleviation strategies can be better implemented. A series of systematic reviews use experiences and data from fifteen integrated conservation and development project conducted in the lower Mekong region, specifically in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. They provide wide-ranging overviews of the effectiveness of protected areas and how innovative tools and methods for monitoring and evaluation can be utilized for more effective outcomes. Results are in the form of management and policy recommendations, based on the quality of evidence and the cost utility of the intervention. By bridging the gap between field practice and conservation, the analysis should lead to more effective integrated conservation and development interventions. The book represents one of the first attempts to apply the evidence-based approach to conservation and development.